About Me

My Story

I love to design and make quilts. I am happy to make a custom quilt for you in any size or color combination that you would like.
Working with color relationships is my favorite thing. I enjoy studying motifs from  other cultures to get ideas for my work. I get many design ideas from  nature, paintings, and other artistic mediums, as well as vintage  quilts, and other textiles. I prefer making quilts that contain many fabrics; because I believe that this gives the viewer a  much more interesting and pleasing quilt to look at. It also makes the  quilt much more versatile; and will help to add a beautiful focal point,  or unique accent piece to a wider variety of rooms.

I have a bachelor's degree in art; and have been weaving for 35 years;  both of which I believe, have had a big influence in the way I use color  and pattern in my quilt designs. My quilts have been published in  McCall's quilting magazine, and have won numerous awards in local quilt  shows and fairs. I have self-published patterns for many of my quilts.

Email me at candacequilter@hotmail.com  or use the form below to send me a message for information on having a custom quilt made. A selection of finished quilts are currently available on Etsy.com/shop/quiltdesignsbycandac

When I am not at home designing and making quilts, I am traveling, showing my quilts in trunk shows, and teaching at quilt guilds. Email me at candacequilter@hotmail.com  or use the form below to send me a message for more information on trunk shows, classes, and patterns. You can purchase patterns on etsy.com/shop/quiltdesignsbycandac

All of my quilts are long arm quilted by my good friend, and award winning professional long arm quilter, Regina Carter of Jackson, Georgia. All of my quilts are machine washable. They are washed at least once before I ship them.